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Being a mother is quite awesome, isn’t it? One has to go through a lot before even conceiving a baby. On top of everything else, pregnancy struggles are quite real. Morning sickness, mood swings and everything else takes a toll on you. Keeping that in mind we decided to dedicate a series to parents (straight couples, lesbian/gay parents, single mothers and fathers).

pregnancy commonly asked questions
My pregnancy story

The first post in the series is dedicated to Mrs. Ramya Annadurai. She was interested in sharing details of her pregnancy. So here is her short interview:

Hi Ramya. Thanks for agreeing for the interview. Please let us know how was it in the start?

I confirmed pregnancy using a pregnancy kit at home. We are extremely happy. I was on the cloud nine. I was excited to carry a soul inside me. After two days, we consulted a gynecologist and confirmed the pregnancy.
During my first trimester, I had severe nausea, vomiting and mood swings. I started losing weight and seemed tired all day. Sometimes, I feel too happy and feel depressed sometimes. My sister is my only savior. She consoled me and supported me a lot. I went for the chromosome scan and ensured the healthiness of my baby.

Okay. So you had pretty serious morning sickness to start with. How was the first meetin with the baby?

During second trimester, I came back to my hometown due to continuous vomiting. Once I came to my home, I never had vomit. I went for the third scan in a hospital where I was born. After the scan, the gynecologist told that there is no sign of proper growth of the baby. Tears started gushing out. She recommended for an advanced scan in another center. We got scanned there. The reports were positive with a healthy sign of my baby. My gynecologist is happy and blessed me.

What about your diet? How did you pass time?

I started eating healthy diet and gained weight. I read books, sleep, cook and walk. I had really enjoyable and memorable moments during these days.


Pregnancy Third Trimester to do list
Pregnancy Third Trimester to do list

Oh, that was almost nerve wrecking. Thankfully everything turned out to be fine. Now for the final lap..

In my case, I never experienced any sort of pain even before my delivery. It was the final trimester and I just went for the normal weekly checkup. Around 2.00 PM, the doctor felt that the baby movement is getting down. They suggested me another scan after an hour. At 3.15 PM, my gynecologist wanted me to get a C-section as the baby movement has got worse due to the loss of amniotic fluid. Tears rolled down and suddenly I felt numb. My mom was also worried about my situation. Finally, my surgery is fixed at 5.15 PM.

I made up my mind. Got dressed with surgical gown and walked to the theatre confidently. After I reach there, my blood pressure got raised and started to shiver. Even then, I never felt any pain. My gynecologist, doctors and nurses started to motivate me. My gynecologist sat near my head and held my jaw by saying “Everything will be fine. Just say Muruga! Muruga. Be calm. I am with you”. I was OK then. The doctors started to chat with me and started their procedure.

Then, I got anesthesia injection in my spine. First pain started from here. After sometime, I felt numb below my waist. I felt the incision, tripping of blood, taking out of my baby and sutures but no pain. Finally, my baby was taken out. The doctors said “Congrats Ramya, it is a boy born at 5.45 PM”. I raised my thumbs and smiled victoriously. He was like a pink blooming bud. Everybody in the hospital called him pinky.

I named him Susruthan “Father of Surgery”.

Thank you God and my gynecologist (Dr. Indirani) for the wonderful gift. My son is 5 years old now. He is superactive, cute and intelligible.

This was how Susquehanna came into the world .  Good for the mother ,  child and the family .  We hope to bring more such stories.


Stay tuned for more .


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