Father’s Day: Five Productive Ways in which you can boost your fertility

Father’s Day: Five Productive Ways in which you can boost your fertility

Hope you have gone through the three part TTC series (if you haven’t then you can access the same here: first part, second part and third part or sign up for the newsletter to get e-book). Father’s Day provides a reason to celebrate fatherhood, which, for most days of the year, goes unnoticed and taken for granted. While it gives a reason for excitement to many, those who are deprived of the gift are left disappointed and the pain becomes stabbing.

It has been estimated that around 15 percent of parents struggle with fertility related issues and 40 percent of cases pertain to male infertility.

There are tons of pieces of opinion for women to boost their fertility, but the resources for infertility treatment for men are limited. Here we are going to present some ways for men to boost their fertility.

Get Into Shape:

It has been proven that sperm production is at its best in healthy individuals. If you are on the wrong side of Body Mass Index (BMI), you ought to do something at the earliest to rein in the same. Extra weight results in increase in the estrogen levels in the body, thereby leading to hormone imbalance, thereby having a serious impact on fertility.

Avoid alcohol, tobacco and too much caffeine

For men trying to conceive, tobacco is best avoided. It contains a slew of chemicals that wreak havoc on your body, including terrible drop in sperm production. Besides that, alcohol consumption ought to be limited to not more than two drinks a day and six per week. The impact of caffeine on fertility is somewhat disputed. You need to play safe in this regard by limiting your caffeine consumption to 300 mg per day.

Limit exposure to toxins

As pointed earlier, work-related hazards can lead to low or nil sperm count. For instance, exposure to hazardous chemicals in workplaces like mills, railroads and chemical plants causes abnormal sperm count.

One must avoid paint fumes and other chemicals and opt for BPA free water bottles for water consumption.

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