Ready, steady, BABY! What nobody told you about being a father!

You do not figure on the priority list any more:

You cease to be priority #1, that’s the baby.


Okay, mommy is priority #2, baby is priority #1:

Back to the point #1, you simply vanish from the priority list.



You are going to only have a second or two. Breathe as much as you can.


Retire to bed early: Watch TV, cheer your favorite footbal team, read a book and feel like a normal person again. But mind you, be prepared for the consequences.


Snacks: You are going to have a lots of them. Much more than what you could have consumed your entire life.


You are transforming into Superman: You are going to fly airplanes, swing your child, dance like crazy, making silly faces, sliding and what not!


You are much more like a punching bag to the baby: Bitten tongue, nose crushes, head butts, and best of the lot – groin kicks: you are going to experience all this and more.


Carry everything, yes everything including the baby: Hold the animals, drinks, food, toys, car keys and the baby. Oh yes, open the door with the free hand. That makes you even closer to being Superman.


Playgrounds: Finally, you get to see some light at the playground. Besides that you are able to see how terrible can the other kids be and how you have been spared the nature’s fury.


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