Many reasons behind why it is completely OK to run while being pregnant


Every other day you would come across ton loads of material regarding do’s and don’ts while being pregnant (we have our set of the same here). However, you would be surprised to know how many athletes continue training even after being pregnant. The International Olympic Committee has recently commissioned a report that blasts the myths regarding risks associated with it!

Norwegian long-distance runner Ingrid Kristiansen at World Cross Country Championship

Ingrid Kristiansen had just won the Houston marathon and clocked two hours 35 minutes and the fact that she was last in the first lap baffled many, including her coach and fellow Norwegians. She was feeling tired, which was blamed on jet lag her recent trips to the US. Even then she was among the favorites to win the race.

“The first lap I was the last of the Norwegians, and my coach didn’t understand anything,” she says while recalling. Though she was well ahead of her compatriots, she finished at dismal 35th.

“My coach’s wife was sitting, looking at the television. And she called her husband afterwards, and she asked him, ‘Is Ingrid pregnant?’

“I think it was the way I was running. Maybe I was a little bit heavier in the upper body, I’m not sure. But she saw it.”

“Her pregnancy was confirmed soon after and it came to her as a surprise.”

Irregular menstrual cycles are common among female athletes, thus they may get pregnant without knowing about it. We have witnessed as many as 17 pregnant athletes competing at the biggest athletic event.

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