You may not be exercising right!

Exercising for weight loss but not getting the results? This is what you should do!

Have you been sweating it out in the gym for hours at stretch? Chances are that you may not obtain the desired results, as per a study in Current Biology. The said study points out that our bodies are pretty smart to adjust to higher activity levels.

“Exercise by itself isn’t always enough to take off the weight. Now, evidence reported in the Cell Press journal Current Biology on January 28 helps to explain why that is: our bodies adapt to higher activity levels, so that people don’t necessarily burn extra calories even if they exercise more,” says the report.

As per Herman Pontzer of City University of New York, “Exercise is really important for your health,” says Herman Pontzer of City University of New York. “That’s the first thing I mention to anyone asking about the implications of this work for exercise. There is tons of evidence that exercise is important for keeping our bodies and minds healthy, and this work does nothing to change that message. What our work adds is that we also need to focus on diet, particularly when it comes to managing our weight and preventing or reversing unhealthy weight gain.”

Sounds disheartening, doesn’t it? Well, it would not be pleasant either. One may explain it in the following manner. Just like we have learning curves in our jobs and we become efficient with time, our body does just that for the same workout. It learns to adapt to a certain demand and starts using lesser energy for the same.

So, what should you do? Hmm. That gets tricky from here. But let’s not despair and focus on what can be done. Here are some tips:

Get FITTer:

What’s the extra ‘T’ for? I am fit and spend hours in the gym. Oh, that is not a typo. It stands for:

  • F- Frequency
  • I – Intensity
  • T – Time
  • T – Type

You’ve got to fool your brain by changing the frequency, intensity, time and type of your workout routine. Every single time you change the factors, a new challenge is thrown to the body. Huh, what is that! In this way, things do not get plateaued as the body does not get used to the workout.


Is it another exercise for the brain? Well, sort of. HIIT refers to ‘High Intensity Interval Training’. That may explain a lot. Pitching in with high intensity training intervals amidst your regular (remember FITT?) workout helps you in burning up to forty percent higher calories. Four 20 second bursts with 10 second rest should do the trick.

Don’t forget to REFUEL

You should like this one as this pertains to nutrition. But this was supposed to be an article about fitness, right? Yes, it is. As per a recent study published in Sports magazine, consumption of carbohydrates prior to a workout helps in improving performance during HITT workouts and endurance training.

What are you waiting for then? Get FITT and HITT it!



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