Moment of truth for Germany as the country grapples with #Rapefugees and other problems of mass immigration

The Germans cheered them few months back as they arrived in trains and buses from war raged Syria and other parts of west Asia and Africa. The said immigrants are supposed to be the perpetrators of horrific crimes against women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne when they groped and raped women, leaving behind terrible scars.

New Year’s Eve in Cologne

It was supposed to be a fun filled night when men and women would welcome the New Year with fireworks and alcohol. Instead, men of Arab and North African origin would go on to grope and molest women. They are jeered on as ‘cunts’ and ‘whores’. The blouses of some of them were ripped and others had their underwear ripped apart! More than 100 cases of sexual assault were filed and the police behaved just like nothing had happened.

It took as many as four days for the gory details to emerge. The nation has been in a state of denial and almost no one was talking about the incident until the city erupted in protests and German leaders were forced out of their hibernation. The German leaders should feel guilty about letting in Islamic ‘rape culture’ and making Cologne stand for everything what is wrong with their immigration laws and the so called ‘Willkommenskultur’.

The Aftermath

The police chief of Cologne has since been sacked over the way it handled the attacks on the eve of the New Year. 31 men of African or Arab origins have been identified as the main perpetrators of that fateful night. Out of them, eighteen have been identified as asylum seekers. Similar reports of harassment have emerged from Finland, Sweden and other parts of Europe. The worst fears of anti-immigrants and ‘Islamophobes’ have come true and there is apparently dearth of ideas to tackle the rising cancer.

Feminists and Far Right have a field day in Cologne

Women’s rights groups and the far right Pegida marched to the streets of Cologne, protesting against the crimes committed by the immigrants that night. The hashtag ‘Rapefugee’ trended not only online, but on the streets of the city as well. As the protests started turning ugly, the police were forced to use water cannon and pepper spray to disperse the protestors.

A note containing threatening phrases like ‘I will kill you’, ‘I want to have sex with you’ and ‘nice breasts’ was found by the officers at the site of groping. Banners meaning ‘Rapefugees not welcome’, ‘Germany survived war, plague and cholera, but Merkel?’, and more were waved at the protest rallies amid calls for the ouster of the beleaguered German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who was the staunchest supporter of mass immigration in Europe, making her the butt of the protests.

The protestors also waved banners saying ‘No violence against women’, ‘Protect our women and children’ and ‘No means no! It’s the law!’ As per Thomas Traeder of Alternativ fur Deutchland Party, ‘We are heading towards importing the lack of respect for women in Muslim nations to us. All Muslim men don’t do this, but enough for us to have a problem.’

Something terrible happened on the streets of Cologne on the New Year Eve and there are going to be repercussions, tough questions likely to be asked and action needs to be taken. If there isn’t any timely action, Europe is going to pay a heavy price at the cost of its innocent citizens.




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